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The new blog is finally up and things are queued! This blog will still be here for me to pull content from so i have everything i have on her over there so it’s old stuff but, perhaps you’ll see stuff that you missed so yay! Go on over and follow me there!

💋 Annika

Oh Sweet Interent!

Hello Guys and Dolls! Guess who finally has some internet access where she moved a few months ago? This gal! I have missed tumblr oh so much and sharing all my vintage and history finds with you. Heck, I even miss just browsing the internet for art inspiration and learning things about the past, especially my favorite classic film stars. 2013 has been a horrible year to start blogging and for my life, period. So depending on how much internet I’m actually able to have (I have a horrible connection), I’m thinking of closing this blog down and just starting of with a clean slate. I’ll just reinvent myself like Kate Hepburn did. I will have this one up for awhile and tell you guys about the new blog when I get everything set up to the way I want. Anyways! I love you my darling tumblr fans and I wish I was able to keep this blog up as much as I wanted, but sometimes life hands you lemons and I’m trying to make some lemonade out of those lemons.

- Annika💋

1912: Karl Struss shot by Clarence White


1923: Rudolph Valentino


1911: West Street, New York City by Karl Struss


1910: Manhattan Bridge by Karl Struss